• Floating and Submersible to IPX7 Waterproof rating (3.3 feet or 1 meter for 30 minutes)
  • 6W transmit power output (Selectable 6/2.5/1W)
  • 600mW Loud Audio Output
  • All USA, International and Canadian channels
  • FM Broadcast Radio Receiver
  • High-resolution dot-matrix LCD display
  • Pre-set key used to recall up to 10 favourite channels
  • Easy to Operate Menu System
  • Scanning operation and Multi-Watch (Dual Watch and Triple Watch)
  • CH16/S Quick Access (S: Sub-channel)
  • Speaker microphone Jack
  • Built-in 7.4V, 1850mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack, (which can be replaced by an authorised repair centre)
  • 3 hour desktop rapid charger included
  • All USA, International and Canadian channels
  • ATIS Mode for European Inland Waterways
  • 3 Year Waterproof Warranty

Ergonomic Case Design

Ergonomic case design is a result of the new internal, large capacity 1850 mAh Lithium Ion battery technology. This gives the radio a much smaller case design yet light enough to float face up if dropped in the water

Water Activated Emergency Strobe light

If the radio falls in the water an emergency strobe light is automatically activated, even when the unit is turned off. The strobe can be reconfigured to flash on and off, flash SOS, or set to stay on continuously.

Large, Clear Full Dot Matrix Display

The HX210 boasts one of the largest displays in a compact and affordable handheld VHF. With a large display, high (dot matrix) resolution and a bright backlight there will be no mistaking the information displayed on the face of the radio day or night.

E20 Easy to Operate Menu System

Intuitive menu system allows easy access to all of the setup functions of the radio, making it easy to customize settings based on the preferences of the user

Built in FM Broadcast band receive

The HX210 has an expanded receiver allowing the user to tune in to their favourite FM radio station. The radio will receive FM broadcast bands between 76 MHz to 108 MHz

3-year Waterproof Warranty

Package Includes

  • CAT460 Antenna
  • SAD-23C/U AC Adaptor (C is for 2 pin European plug and U is for three pin UK plug)
  • E-DC-19A DC Cable with 12v cigarette lighter plug
  • SBH-25 Charger cradle
  • CLIP-22 Belt Clip
  • Hand Strap
  • Owners Manual
  • Warranty Card


Main Features of the HX210E
  • Floating and submersible to IPX7 (1 metre/30mins)
  • All European and international marine channels
  • Selectable 6W, 2.5W and 1W transmit power
  • High-resolution backlit dot matrix screen
  • Programmable function keys
  • E2O Easy to Operate menu system
  • High capacity 1850mAh Li Ion battery
  • Speaker mic jack
  • Built-in WX and FM radio receiver


Technical Specifications
Model: HX210E
Dimensions: 60 x 132 x 40mm (without antenna)
Weight: 280g
Frequency ranges: TX: 156.025MHz – 161.600MHz
RX: 156.050MHz – 163.275MHz
Channel spacing: 25kHz
Emission type: 16KOG3E
Operating voltage: 7.4VDC
Current consumption: 330mA (Receive) 100mA (Standby)
1.6A/1.0A/0.7A (6W/2.5W/1W Transmit)
FM receiver: 65MHz – 108MHz
FM frequency step: 100kHz
Sensitivity: 1.0uV for 12dB SINAD


Find the perfect accessory for your handset
  • CAT460 Antenna

  • CN-3 Antenna Adapter SMA-BNC

  • E-DC-19A DC Cable with Cigarette Plug

  • DC Cable; plug and wire only

  • 110VAC Charging cable

  • SBH-25 Charging Cradle

  • CLIP-22 Belt Clip

  • MH-73A4B Submersible Speaker Microphone

  • Mini Speaker Microphone

  • Submersible Speaker Microphone

  • SEP-10A Earphone

  • Submersible Commercial Grade Speaker Microphone

    With Heavy Duty Belt Clip - SSM-14A
  • SSM-55A Earpiece Microphone

  • SSM-64A VOX Headset

  • Handheld VHF Hanger Bracket



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